Grivola, Face Nord Ouest
21 / 05 / 2010 - ITALIE, Grand Paradis, 45░, 1500m

Julien Herry, Davide Capozzi and me are ready for this descent on the Grivola summit. Test of our next season Splitboard Aluflex. 2 and 1/2 hours walk to the bivouac. We're alone in this valley that's perfect.

We start at 5 in the morning because the entire face is 1500 meters high and at this season the sun is melting the snow. We break the trail on the line that we should snowboard at the way down. Snow is hard in the begining but become very soft after 300 meters. It should be a nice moment. We couldn't reach the summit, 50 meters is missing because of the ice which is not far under our feet.

We start riding carefully. Then when snow was deep enough we make big turn in fresh snow. So cool. The steepness was still at 45░, but when snow is good it's so easy. We ride one after time to take some picture. This valley is so quiet. The ride was nice and it was a good day.

First Snowboard descent.


Grivola - North West

Grivola - Nord Ouest

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