Aiguille Verte, Couloir Whymper
22 / 04 / 2010 - FRANCE, Mt Blanc, 50░, 800 m

Start with the Grands Montets cable car. Julien Herry is my teammate today. We run to cross under the the enormous seracs of Cordier corridor to reach the rimaye of the Couturier corridor. We reach the summit of Aiguille Verte 2h30 after. The tracks was good and not too much ice on the way. The weather is hot but the start of the Whymper corridor is still in hard snow. The main part of the descent is in melt snow. Only on 5 meter absail down to reach the ending corridor before passing the rimaye.

It was my 3rd different descent of the Aiguille Verte in snowboard.

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