Aiguille de Rochefort, Couloir Sud
15 / 02 / 2010 - ITALIE, Mt Blanc, 55°, 900 m

Today a french-italian team united for this great corridor in south face of Rochefort ridge. Lolo is not with us today, he's gonnna have once again a daughter !

Meeting down at Lou's Bar near the cable car. At 8.30 we took the first way up. We walked to the Little Dent du Géant. Then we ride down by a long traverse and bring us to the 3/4 of the corridor. We share the effort for braking the trail, snow is deep. View from up there is huge. The start is very steep (55°) on 200m. The snow is good and the sun is here, this is Italie ! We've done some nice pictures with the Mt Blanc in back ground. We reach our stuff that we left and now it's adventure. The down part is in ice, so we traverse to the left. We finally did an absail of 20m. Davide done a nice jump over the rimaye then 1500m more to ride to reach the valley.

First snowboard descent.


Rochefort - South

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