Le Buet, Les Grands Couloirs
21 / 01 / 2010 - FRANCE, Chablais, 45°/50°, 1800 m

Today big day for Laurent Dupré and me.

The idea was to snowboard from the top of Buet into the Big Corridor that goes down to Sixt.

6 hours to go to the summit of Buet with 20 to 40 cm of fresh snow. It's already 2 pm when we start riding down the mountain with a picture of the face in the pocket. The snow was a bit tricky on the top. 2 absail down of 30 meters to enter into the Big Corridor. It's look like Dolomites corridors. Another absail down to pass a big rock, then the corridor getting wider. The snow was good and the steepness around 45º. At the bottom we ride down fast because of the huge ice fall uper our heads. It was 4.30 pm when we were down the face.

Now time to fight. We stent 3 hours in the big river down the face and into the forest to find the trail that goes back to Sixt. Finally David Cachat drive us back home from the last village in Sixt valley.

1800 meters of face with 1000 of corridor at 40º/45º.

First snowboard descent.


Buet - Grands Couloirs

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