Mont Vélan, Couloir en Y
18 / 12 / 2009 - SUISSE, Valais, 40°/45°, 500 m

I don't find many people to come with me today. I went solo to go skitouring at the Mount Vélan in Switzerland. After a while I finally find the Super St Bernard ski station. What a Super Station ! Only one ski lift of 250 meters and it is close for today. Today the temperatures are still very low. I ski up under the ski lift, then after many turn I reach a nice plateau at the bottom of Mount Velan. It start snowing and the fog is already there. I chose the first corridor, the Y, because I think I will go quicker. Not so quick finally. The corridor is 600 meters high. At the way down the snow was hard and sometimes crunchy. But happy for me the bottom part was very good and full of fresh snow. A nice way up and down for today with 1800 meters of skitouring in 4 hours.

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