Grand Goliath, Couloir NE
14 / 12 / 2009 - SUISSE, Valais, 40°, 400 m

Today The Monday Team with Rémy Lecluse, Julien Herry, Philippe Villessoubre, Lolo Dupré and me. We are going to the Swiss Val Ferret to skitouring this long valley which are going to Ferret Pass and Grand Goliath. Today the temperatures are very low and no sun in this long valley. Philippe stop half way because it was his first day of skitouring. Then Remy stop just after because he as frozen toes few month ago and prefer going having a warm chocolate. Only the Dream Team left to finish this skitouring day by a nice couloir of 400 meters at 40/45 degres at the Grand Goliath. Finaly nobody went to the top due to snow condition. It seems that the snow was unstable. The way down was really fun in that mount of snow. It was even hard to turn into that deep.

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