Aiguille du Gouter, Couloir Ouest
04 / 03 / 2013 - FRANCE, Mt Blanc, 800 m, 45°

What a great idea of our superstar Lolo:
- Let's go to the corridor under the new Gouter refuge ? I know the worker of the cable car, we could take the first one.
- Hum, how long it's gonna take us to climb up there ?
- something like 2300 m and maybe 6 h.
- We need help to brake the trail for this one !

So, it's with Lolo Dupré, Hervé Sanglard and Davide Capozzi that we are going in direction of the Gouter refuge. Start 7.30 from Bellevue and we put our split on the rails that usually go to Nid d'Aigle in summer. Then we climb a little pass called les Rognes and reach the Desert de Pierre Ronde that is the valley who goes to Tete Rousse. Here was the first stop to eat and drink a little, also from here we can see the corridor. It's gonna be cool but a little rocky up there.
2h30 later we were 30 m under this new refuge.

The start was pretty steep and with some hidden rocks. We were not able to ride normally, every turn was sketchy. After 100 m of rocky part we reach this big toboggan that goes directly to the rimaye. It was very good snow over here. We took our gear back and ride the Bionnassay glacier. The snow was even better and fresh. We pass next to the Pointe inferieur du Tricot and finish next to the Bionnassay village.
It was worst 6h30 walk !

First snowboard descent known.