Aiguille de la Bérangère, Face Nord Ouest
18 / 02 / 2013 - FRANCE, Mt Blanc, 800 m, 50°

L'équipe du Lundi once again in the mountain with a wonderful team with Lolo Dupré, Hervé Sanglard et Francis Kelsey.

An early start from the parking above les Contamines to reach the Aiguille de Berangere by it's North West Face. We went in the region few years ago and thought it was possible to ski this face from summit to bottom without rappel on a good season of snow.

Here we are for 2200 m positive of climbing. We warm up in the forest and get wet by sweating, when we arrive at the bottom of the North face we were so cold. We splitboard as high as possible because we know when we had to brake the trail the snow will be very deep. It was good to be 4 for this job.
Finally we arrive at the summit, we were above the clouds and the view was so nice. Francis turn back before because he was in hypoglycemia. The descent should be very good and the snow perfect. We just to be careful to the rocks.

It's hard to tell if someone ski or snowboard this descent before. I know some did it with 3 rappels and other by a different route. We did it from top to bottom without rope and by a different line. Enjoy.

First snowboard descent known.