Dent de Morcles, Vampire 4
19 / 08 / 2012 - SUISSE, Valais, 2300 m

I walk alone today on the way to the Dent de Morcles. I'm not sure a all to find a place where to jump. But could be nice to see some new mountains around. I start from Morcles village. the path is in the forest in the beginning, then direct under the Dent de Morcles after. The path is steep and there a lot of bombshell pieces around. The swiss army used to practice around here, I hope I'll not be attack today.
I arrive on this big ledge that traverse under the Dent de Morcles and then climb a corridor to reach the final ridge. From here, no more water, I'm so thirsty. I check the face of the summit and then I realize that I walk for 4 hours for nothing. The face is positive, no jump for sure. I decide to continue on the ridge to sse if there is something high and steep enough to jump from. I finally find a place at the Pointe de la Grande Vire. The vertical is 90m, after the ledge 150m and maybe 280m after that. It will be ok if I push correctly. It was very impressive but everything went well. The flight after that is so long and nice.

I'm very happy of this day !

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