Pointe inf. du Tricot, Face Ouest
16 / 01 / 2012 - FRANCE, Mt Blanc, 40°/45°, 1400 m

Once again a nice Team for a nice Monday. Geraldine Fasnacht, Matt Gerdes, Christophe Marteau, Hervé Sanglard and Lolo Dupré.

Start from the Crozat (les Contamines) in the cold. We reach the Bionnassay glacier and to the pass next. We drop some gear and put our crampons to continue in the sun. Gégé stop a little above the summit. We reach the top for a little break befor heading down.

The snow was really good. Some nice turn in steep terrain. We pick up our gear and continue quickly to the car. The Dads had to be at school for the childrens.

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