Plan Cou, Vampire 3
06 / 09 / 2010 - ITALIE, Grand Paradis, 1100 m

Back on the Merlo mountains. Today we are heading up to the summit of Becca di Merlo. We had found last time a new exit with Jeano but there were to much wind.

It's with Robert Pecnic, Ludo Woerth, Lucas, Jeano Itztsein and Mirko that we are coming back. It's about 1h to the summit that Marie, my wife, 8 month pregnant, call me and said that I have to hurry up to come back to assist here in the birth of my second daughter.

Shit, I'm up the mountain now and it will take 3 hours to get down. I open a spot 30 mn from here last month. The best option is to get there and jump to reach the car that we put this morning at the base of the cliff. It's a mission for James Bond ( but son this time ...). I put my wingsuit Vampire 3 and jump to get quicker to the bottom. I dive like crazy a Peugeot Partner to France to reach my goal.

I finally arrive in time to welcome my Daughter Bella Malnuit in this real world !

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