Mt Rose, Couloir Marinelli
23 / 04 / 2006 - SUISSE, Alpes Bernoises, D, 45°, 2300 m

A lot of people for this day in Italy on the Mt Rose by the Marinelli corridor. Max Belleville, Simon Favier, Julien Herry, Lolo and Manue Dupré, Lionel Hachemi, Francis and Denis Bertrand from Snow Surf.

So, if you pay then the heli brings you to the top. We are not use to this, but it's less tiring.

A very nice corridor in good fresh snow, not as steep as it says. We enjoy the descent with all our friends. To finish a good pizza and a beer. Denis had a little nap because he is not use anymore to big descent like this.


Mt Rose - Marinelli

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